This Heart #poeticwings #junepoeticwings #madverse #JuneFalls #inkslingers #poetry #vss

My heart’s a locked door,
shut by fear and uncertainty
The key’s owner unknown
my mind full of back scattered memories
With every breath, these tears fall unbridled, my world turned blue
Praying for lightning within to lift this gloom
So I sit on this little hill, beneath a small palm tree
Fighting to unnumb my heart
hoping he’s not lost to me
I built a home in my soul for us
My future self is ready for love and happiness
Then, one day to my life, you arrived
I curiously opened my heart
And with a big sigh-
my world was ready to start.
Your smile as the sun
radiantly whispering sweet
Words as soft as the clouds,
they encompassed me
And you said, Let the tears rain,
for after storm’s pain
comes the rainbow reflections
Simple gestures of affection
Opening my heart’s door
I walked into the dawn
of pure love and sublime peace forevermore
I smiled
and I gave you my key



Beautiful to Me #Madverse #Dimpleverse #poetry #vss #inkslingers

You are beautiful to me
Take no heed to what the world sees
I see you with clear eyes and my heart’s desire
and I’m a breath away from love’s fire
You are a precious gem, forged from golden flames
Lovely beyond words’ description, without fitting name
You are so beautiful to me
If only you could behold what I see.


You Are #Madverse #Tastypoem #poetry #vss #inkslingers

You are the air that I breathe
You are the beat my heart needs
You are the breath to my life
You are my joy, my delight.
You fill my soul with such glee
You are my beloved felicity
Open your mind and you will see
You mean the world to me.
You are my doppelgänger now found
Touch my chest, feel how it pounds
I rise and fall with your tender touch
Every bone in my body adores you much.
So please come home to me now
You will see that I am avowed
You’ll feel my heart how it stows
Every moment of your soul.


My Dolce Vita #Madverse #TastyPoem #DimpleVerse #WrittenRiver #inkslingers #poetry #vss

How do I love thee
let me count the ways,
Shakespeare once penned such
in glory of his days.
Perhaps not as eloquent
am I in my prose,
but love you as deeply
none should suppose.
Insatiable for your touch
my fingers graze your skin,
you’re the epicentre of my world
I desire to breathe you in.
Yes, I’m a little bit ruined,
after all, I’ve a vagabond soul,
But you’ve created an ocean within me
I’m near the cliff of losing control.
You are my dolce vita
only you can calm my inner storm,
Soothe my windswept ardour,
embrace and shield me, keep me warm.
Now I’m eager to see our love
keep flowing time after time,
But I know we belong to each other
and baby, we’ll just let it ride!


Lost Without You #vss #poetry

You left today without a word,
waited for you, hoping you’d heard:
I love you so and always will,
but alone now is all I feel.
We had great times, too many to name,
fear that things will never be the same.
Not to have you in my world,
tears fall freely, though unheard.
Miss you already, your smiling face-
precious moments, too many to place;
into heart’s memory, hold them close,
Return one day, I dare to suppose.
You touched my soul so deep and true,
cannot imagine life without you.
Good memories what I wish to retain,
but without you here, how to reclaim?
Gentle words you spoke to me,
captivated my essence, but you set me free
I don’t know why I was released,
all at once I lost joy’s peace.
Such elation had filled my entire soul
the kind that makes one lose control.
Felt as though I walked on air,
wherever you were, I was also there.
Empty how I’ve been all day,
if you could hear this I’d beg you to stay.
Void as a cold and deep abyss,
how can I live my life like this?
Do all I could to have you return,
world without you, something unlearned
Just mention that I’ll not see you again,
silently screaming, my world shall end.
I pray that you will hear my cry
and come back home to our life.

Photo courtesy of black and white photography

Overcoming Life’s Pain #vss #poetry #MadVerse #WrittenRiver #tales #inkslingers #inspiration

I know that you’re hurt, can sense your pain,
no doubt you think nothing will ever be the same.
Loved so deep but never did share,
those feelings with others, so they think you don’t care.
Now there’s grief yet you’re lost behind words,
all that you wanted was to be heard.
Life seems unfair, aching with hate,
but don’t let others determine your fate.
Where to turn for comfort, you say?
I tell you, dear friend, there’ll come a new day.
Take a leap of faith and soon you’ll see,
encompassing your path, love and lead the way;
to much peace and joy in your world,
friends who love you and you are heard.
Ne’er a day alone you’ll be,
if you open your eyes and heart to see.
Eternal life’s care that surrounds you now,
take our hands, we’ll show you how.
Friends around whom you can trust,
calling to you: don’t ever give up.
One day your world will brighter seem,
and once again you’re able to dream;
of a love that’s real, true and pure,
so completely caring, who could ask for more?
So hang in there throughout the pain,
for someday soon your sun will shine again.

Photo courtesy of black and white photography